Final(s) Self-Care

End of semester. Perhaps you’re excited to finish some meaningful projects. Perhaps you are anxious or overwhelmed, or starting to be. Perhaps you just want everything to be over. Wherever you are at, there are some basic things you can do to take care of yourself during the last few weeks of classes and assignments. ... Read More

How to Sleep Your Way Through College, from A to Zzz

Oxford dictionary defines hygiene as, “conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease” -- exactly what sleep does. Why, then, do we consider showering, brushing our teeth, or washing our hands essential, but sleep optional? How much sleep we have affects not only our own physical and mental well-being, but how well we can interact and contribute to those around us.... Read More

Fitting in Self-Care: Somewhere…

Opportunities flood our social media, email inboxes, and our senses. How can we choose? Everything is so good; how can we say no to more good in our lives? So we say “yes” to everything, failing to keep commitments to the community and ourselves and hurting both. Meanwhile, self-care is relegated to a corner because no one has shared an RSVP link that the event is a limited-time opportunity.... Read More