Bureaucratic ASM Changes Term Length To a Year

Yesterday, the six current ASM representatives held an open meeting to discuss and vote on twenty amendments to the charter. Formalization and complication are creeping in. The meeting progressed for more than an hour amid lengthy discussions, including some around changes adopted having typos that could not be removed because representatives were unable to agree on whether it was acceptable to change the wording mishaps during the voting. ... Read More

Are Minerva Students Silent or is Communication Broken?

Only five students showed up to the first town hall last week, apart from the representatives. Applause to those who made it. If that is not your format, find another. It has to be possible for people to engage. Most students probably do not go because there are too many other things on their minds, too much to do in the constant rollercoaster of Minerva life, but is it really too much to ask to go to one input session to share ideas?... Read More