Below is an FAQ that will hopefully answer essential questions you have to hit the ground running in the end of August when you arrive in San Francisco. Many of these questions were provided by M’20 and M’21 students reflecting on their pre-Minerva experience. Refer back to this article throughout the summer and comment additional questions if you have any!... Read More

Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics (RE) is a student network which started in the UK in 2013, and seeks to change the way that economics is taught in schools. RE claims that economic education is, “too male, too white, too old.” The concept behind RE is that students today will be the leaders of tomorrow and therefore they should be exposed to a less uniform education, and one that allows for different perspectives that will shape the way they think in light of today’s highly interconnected world.... Read More

Challenging Connections: Obstacles to Cross-Class Information Sharing

The physical distance between Minerva’s cities — San Francisco and Seoul in the fall and San Francisco and Hyderabad in the spring —  has proven itself to be a formidable barrier to establishing connections across Minerva’s three classes. In an informal survey of 2021 students conducted late October, almost all said they do not think communication between classes has been effective.... Read More