Broke, Different, and Never Heard

We may jet-set across the world and find ourselves atop skyscrapers and in bougie cafes, but it’s still good to remember that at the end of the day, many of us are penniless students making ends meet between that Americano today and a decent lunch tomorrow. So what do we do about it?... Read More

A Minervan’s Guide to Air Travel

The key to hacking your way through an airport is intentionality. Everything you do must have a reason, if you know why you are waiting, that is fine, otherwise you end up a sucker waiting in line wondering why you are standing with all your luggage worried about being late. There are seven things I have personally paid attention to and I think you should too.... Read More

Rapunzel and Her Changing Performance of Femininity

In this essay, I employ Judith Butler’s theory of gender performativity to analyse the performance of gender in ​Tangled ​and how it compares to the original 1812 Brothers Grimm tale ​Rapunzel. ​I analyse both works for their content and form, revealing significant differences between their respective portrayals of young and old female characters, as well as a changed overall message. Ultimately, I argue that despite the problematic depictions of older women as villain, the reimagining of Rapunzel as an active heroine signifies a step in a promising direction.... Read More

Modern India: Land of Political and Economic Oxymorons

Progress in India is of an arbitrary nature. The beholder’s perspective outweighs any conveyed assertions of rationality for most accounts you hear. It is thus not without cynicism that famous writer Arundhati Roy opens her 2009 essay collection, ‘Field Notes on Democracy’ with the words, “to those who have learned to divorce hope from reason.”... Read More

Please Leave Mr. Ansari Alone

When these women choose to equate their bad date with my very real assault, it degrades my experience. It puts what happened to me and to girls like me — who have genuinely been assaulted and harassed — on the same level as a photo taken in ill-taste or a date where he misread the signals.... Read More