Useful German for the Busy Minervan

In just a few months Minerva’s class of 2020 will reach the fourth city in their global rotation: Berlin. The pre-departure orientation session was entertaining and informative, despite the controversial rendition of a cherished “Cabaret” number by a pair of 2019 theater nerds.... Read More

9 (More) Things to Do Over Summer Instead of a Tech Internship

Summer is just around the corner and what are you going to do? You have no degree, no real skills to speak of, you’ve lost the ability to carry on a normal conversation with a non-Minervan, and your faith in yourself is at an all-time low, with good reason. Your friends are somehow interning at Apple, Google, and Twitter, meanwhile the only tech company you’re affiliated with is Swiggy. Long story short: you’re a loser.... Read More

The Matzo Report

The Jewish faith celebrates a variety of holidays and festivals throughout the year, largely of the “they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat” variety. The upcoming celebration of Passover is no exception...well maybe a slight exception. For Passover, the “let’s eat” portion of events requires the shirking of all flavourful, doughy, soft, delightful bread in favour of a dry cracker to remind us that the suffering never really needs to end.... Read More

Now Announcing: Meekly for Her

Here at The Meekly, it has been brought to our attention that sometimes our ladies need stuff that is just for them, so in honor of this day, we’re creating the section Meekly: For Her. It’s got all the stuff girls care about AND it’s pink!... Read More

Hitler: Pros & Cons

We all know Hitler as that pop culture icon that’s up to no good. Staring in movies like Schindler's List, Triumph of the Will, and his little-known appearance in Titanic, there are few of us who don’t have a love-hate relationship with this man. But should we love him? Hate him? The Meekly is here with a list of pros and cons. ... Read More