13 Books to consider before starting Minerva

With three months to go before the beginning of the school year, incoming and returning students are working, traveling and seeing friends and family before the coming departure for the next city. In addition to serving as a much-needed break from school, the summer months provide ample time to read. The following is the Quest’s take on a summer reading list for Minerva students.... Read More

Revising the Paradigm of Mental Illness

Increasingly the way mental illness is diagnosed and treated in the Western world is skewing towards pathologization, which can have the potential of creating more of a social separation between those who are perceived as typical and those who are perceived as disordered. To address this issue, I propose a two-pronged experimental study focusing on reconceptualizing diagnosis through an inclusive and dimensional classification system and reforming treatment to address underlying social stigma, and hypothesize that such changes in current standards lead to improved patient outcomes.... Read More

How do ancient tectonic boundaries influence intraplate Earthquakes today?

The influence of Plate Tectonic theory cannot be overstated. It gave way to all kinds of exciting new observations. Many mountain ranges were finally understood to have formed due to tectonic compression at convergent boundaries, dispelling Harold Jeffrey’s hypothesis once and for all that mountains were the wrinkles on Earth’s cooling and shrinking surface. Volcanoes, too, were newly appreciated as the result of subduction processes, whereby sinking ocean plates and subducted water reduce the mantle’s melting temperature and produce magma, eventually to erupt out of a volcano and onto the continental crust. ... Read More