A Minerva Christmas

I went to one and turned on the screen behind the reindeer's head.  At the top of the screen, it said 'RLF – Reindeer Learning Forum.' I then typed in my Minerva email and my password, but the internet was a bit wonky. So I adjusted the reindeer's antlers until the connection was perfect.... Read More

The Emergence of Beauty

How do I describe the exhilarating surge of energy you feel when you chance upon something so unique, so understatedly elegant, so quiet and magnificent as this wall? This is why people meditate, or immerse themselves in writing or art. When we partake in these activities, we're learning to trust the process; we allow ourselves to hover in that space where reality casts us as neither subject nor object.... Read More

Six Word Stories: Berlin

Minerva's first semester in Berlin is coming to a close and the Class of 2019 will soon be traveling to Buenos Aires. At the final class gathering in the city, we asked students to write a six-word story describing their experience in Berlin. As you'll see, some students interpreted the instructions rather creatively.... Read More