Sadie-Rae Werner

13 Books to consider before starting Minerva

With three months to go before the beginning of the school year, incoming and returning students are working, traveling and seeing friends and family before the coming departure for the next city. In addition to serving as a much-needed break from school, the summer months provide ample time to read. The following is the Quest’s take on a summer reading list for Minerva students.... Read More

Rethinking Economics

Rethinking Economics (RE) is a student network which started in the UK in 2013, and seeks to change the way that economics is taught in schools. RE claims that economic education is, “too male, too white, too old.” The concept behind RE is that students today will be the leaders of tomorrow and therefore they should be exposed to a less uniform education, and one that allows for different perspectives that will shape the way they think in light of today’s highly interconnected world.... Read More

The Matzo Report

The Jewish faith celebrates a variety of holidays and festivals throughout the year, largely of the “they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat” variety. The upcoming celebration of Passover is no exception...well maybe a slight exception. For Passover, the “let’s eat” portion of events requires the shirking of all flavourful, doughy, soft, delightful bread in favour of a dry cracker to remind us that the suffering never really needs to end.... Read More

Pyeongchang, the place you just heard of

Not to be confused with Pyeongyang (평양), the similarly named North Korean capital, Pyeongchang is a small town where the main occupation is farming and kimchi making. It does not look like a place preparing to host a major sporting event, or at least not one that is aware it is going to do so. Outside the largely vacant downtown, the cabbage fields stretch out from small houses all the way back to the nearby mountains.... Read More

Crossing the MDL

The DMZ is perhaps South Korea’s unhappiest tourist attraction. Visitors from around the world come to the DMZ to get a taste of the forbidden fruit in the form of a military escorted tour of the Joint Security Area (JSA) and/or tunnels dug by North Korea in an attempt to infiltrate South Korea.... Read More

Seeking Exotic

Coming from "the West," there is a tendency to view all things "East" as "exotic." This intangible "other" that is distinguishably different from everything that we know and recognize walking down the streets of cities like New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris or Berlin. ... Read More

Sadie-Rae Werner


Class of 2019; Sadie is from Canada. She is studying socioeconomic development and history at Minerva and plans to go to law school and work in journalism and journalists' rights.