Louis Brickman

Minerva Launches Series C Funding Round

Following a recent filing with the SEC in December, the Minerva Project has confirmed that it has launched its third, Series C round, of venture funding. The limited nature of information disclosed on the form allows only for the conclusion that Minerva is receiving somewhere between $13 million and $76 million in additional financing.... Read More

Mapping Minerva Student Summer Travel

Collectively, Minerva students currently occupying the same square block in Seoul have travelled close to four million kilometers between their arrival here and their departure from last semester’s cities. That translates to almost 100 times around the globe and more than five round-trip journeys to the Moon. ... Read More

MiCommunicate Launches the “Duolingo Games”

On Monday, March 28, the language learning-focused student organization MiCommunicate began its first ever language learning competition, the Duolingo Games. Based roughly on the Hunger Games, 32 students and one Minerva staff member signed up and thus agreed to commit to maintaining their "streak" on the language learning website Duolingo for 21 days.... Read More
Louis Brickman

Louis Brickman


Class of 2019; born in Berlin and grew up in NYC. He's a dreamer; tree-hugger; student of politics, ethics, and development; and a strong believer in independent, vigorous journalism.