Kristin Hudson

9 Things to Do Over Summer Instead of a Tech Internship

Minerva’s schedule gives a full four month summer break each year, which presents students with a lot of time to take advantage of. However, if you’re afraid you cannot (or do not want to) land that internship at Google or Apple, here is some inspiration on what to do instead, inspired by our Minerva peers who have already broken away from that imaginary status quo.  ... Read More

Seoul Civic Projects: A Review

Civic projects are an opportunity created by Minerva’s Student Experience team to help students engage with organizations in Minerva cities. They are meant to provide an opportunity to create deeper connections in the places we visit, and to build or practice professional skills outside of the classroom. ... Read More

Kristin Hudson

Writer and Video Content Producer

Class of 2020; proud Nevadan and motor sports enthusiast; loves modern scrapbooking (aka videoblogging) and sweet foods; spreadsheet connoisseur.