Kayla Cohen

How do ancient tectonic boundaries influence intraplate Earthquakes today?

The influence of Plate Tectonic theory cannot be overstated. It gave way to all kinds of exciting new observations. Many mountain ranges were finally understood to have formed due to tectonic compression at convergent boundaries, dispelling Harold Jeffrey’s hypothesis once and for all that mountains were the wrinkles on Earth’s cooling and shrinking surface. Volcanoes, too, were newly appreciated as the result of subduction processes, whereby sinking ocean plates and subducted water reduce the mantle’s melting temperature and produce magma, eventually to erupt out of a volcano and onto the continental crust. ... Read More

Socioeconomic Analysis of the Science Fiction Fandom

In my essay, I address science fiction fandom and argue that their myriad fannish activities demonstrates an active engagement, challenging Adorno and Horkheimer’s model of ​audience as passive​. I investigate the history of SciFi fandom, drawing on concrete examples from American SciFi conventions, Italian fanzines, and online blogs to consider how Adorno and Horkheimer might have interpreted this widespread phenomenon were they alive today. Ultimately, I find their critique to be too cynical, too soon, and that SciFi fandom proves that modern audiences are just as critically engaged as ever.... Read More

Rapunzel and Her Changing Performance of Femininity

In this essay, I employ Judith Butler’s theory of gender performativity to analyse the performance of gender in ​Tangled ​and how it compares to the original 1812 Brothers Grimm tale ​Rapunzel. ​I analyse both works for their content and form, revealing significant differences between their respective portrayals of young and old female characters, as well as a changed overall message. Ultimately, I argue that despite the problematic depictions of older women as villain, the reimagining of Rapunzel as an active heroine signifies a step in a promising direction.... Read More
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Write Night Podcast

Write Night is a writing group for Minerva students interested in the power and nuance of effective writing. It was first envisioned by student Kayla Cohen in the first semester of the first year in the history of Minerva Schools. She continues to organise it in Berlin – the second city in Minerva's global travel rotation.... Read More