Erika Sloan

The Growth of Hallyu: K-Star Road

Coming out of the Korean War, Korean pop culture, like that of many countries, was heavily influenced by the United States. American trends dictated which genres were relevant and popular. Now, however, Korea’s pop culture has evolved into a completely new monster, attracting the attention of millennials from around the world and asserting its unique influence with hits like Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and more recently, the rise of BTS or Beyond The Scenes, a K-Pop band that even changed its name to appeal to growing American demand.... Read More

Places to Visit: Real Seoul

You are ready to become a real local and feel comfortable calling Seoul your home. Unfortunately, the elusive places that only locals know are hard to just search up, and I'm not about to name my favorite hidden spots. In fact, I find it a bit paradoxical. Those pockets that only the locals know are special because they know the area so well and stumbled upon it themselves. Being a local is not something you can shortcut.... Read More

Seoul Sites: First-Timers

Finding spots that only a select few are aware of can make the city feel more exclusively yours — yet I discourage you from only doing that upon your first arrival in a new city (in this case Seoul). Tourist destinations are popular for a reason: They give those unfamiliar with the area a direct peek into essential parts of that city’s cultural being.... Read More

SXSWedu in Perspective

March began to near, and the summit became more and more real. We had to buy all the materials, scramble for last minute meetings, and, after several iterations, decide on the final design for the summit. It was continuous work, and now that I try to remember, a lot of it has blurred together, becoming a chunk of the memories from the first semester of my freshman year. ... Read More

Erika Sloan


Class of 2020; loves writing but admittedly isn’t the best at writing bios, 에리카는 잠도 더 자야 되는데 미네르바 학생입니다