Kroner (Amelia)

Flights, Food, and Constant Computers: Fighting the Inevitable Minerva Cold

Attending Minerva is probably not the best decision for your body. You jerk yourself around the globe, mess up your circadian rhythm, eat new and foreign foods, expose yourself to different allergens, and to top it all off, spend a fair amount of time sitting staring at a computer screen. Read on to learn some tips for staying healthy. ... Read More


Below is an FAQ that will hopefully answer essential questions you have to hit the ground running in the end of August when you arrive in San Francisco. Many of these questions were provided by M’20 and M’21 students reflecting on their pre-Minerva experience. Refer back to this article throughout the summer and comment additional questions if you have any!... Read More
Kroner (Amelia)

Kroner (Amelia)

Former Chief of Global Operations; Editor-in-chief

Class of 2020; Kroner (preferring her last name) spends her time cooking, eating, or thinking about food while also contemplating how to create sustainable systems – from effective organizational structures for The Quest to environmentally sustainable cities of the future.

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