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Minervans Speak and Act Their Minds After Historic Election

The realisation of this upset hit hardest with American students, who were largely in a state of disbelief and grief. In the first hours, they shed tears and shared hugs, supporting each other after what seemed for many as though the world had fallen apart. Trump's victory, especially the implied rejection of the openness and diversity many students at Minerva stand for, proved hard to grapple with. ... Read More

Fragile Democracy: A Path Forward for the American People from An International Student’s Perspective

American politics have hit a wall. The two parties who as institutions have carried, led, and shaped the nation's politics and democracy since the Civil War have ceased to support the nation or their own political bases. The elites use party politics to divide and extort the nation until they have amassed all power. After all, Clinton and Trump come from the same class: they have led a privileged life in the echelons of power away from the struggle of the masses.... Read More

A Declaration Against Hate

The country has come to a standstill. What no one around me believed possible is reality. He won. Hours of nerve-wracking uncertainty and frantic calculations fade away into hazy stares of disbelief and consternation. Anger, cynicism, self-doubt and predominantly horror take over. Hope and unity have lost. The scars run deep.... Read More

Adrian Stein

Writer and 2020 Managing Editor

Class of 2020; Adrian lives and loves to travel restlessly, read endlessly and write pointedly, and to talk politics with people from all over the world to some day be a changemaker.