Meekly pieces are satirical articles that critique and make fun of Minerva Schools, Minerva students, the entire world, or whatever else an author thinks deserves to be flamed. All Meekly works, especially those that mimic the format of Quest pieces, must be clearly marked as satire in the headline of the piece to avoid others spreading them as misinformation. Once upon a time, a Meekly article was reported by some news outlets as fact, and we would really like to avoid a repeat of this situation and lawsuits. We can’t afford to pay contributors, let alone lawyers. All Meekly pieces are edited at least twice by at least two Quest editors and must uphold the content guidelines; humor will not be used as a cover for oppression, personal attacks or invalidating experiences of socially marginalized groups. Ideally, all Meekly pieces will also be monitored by an internally-designated “funny person” to ensure that they are, in fact, funny. If you believe that a Meekly piece is not funny, please record yourself performing an interpretive dance that expresses your discontent and then get back to work.