Disclaimer! This nonsensical piece was generated by the MeeklyBot, a GPT-2 deep learning language model trained on text from the Minerva Quest. GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2) is an open-source artificial intelligence created by OpenAI in February 2019. View the code and data that was used to generate the text in this Github repository. MeeklyBot’s output is edited to change the names of real individuals that the MeeklyBot mentions. The initial prompt (in bold) was curated by Erin Paglione, Emma Stiefel, and Jasen Lo.

Civic partner launches project aimed at improving the conditions of Minerva student housing in San Francisco, drawing historic student turn-out at Civitas. The Civic partners initiative, launched last month, seeks to improve student housing initiatives in San Francisco, by reducing the total kitchen space and pool space, among other improvements. The partnership includes space for 2300 square feet of common space, a kitchenette, an gym chair, and other supportive items such as dry goods.

No one has been assigned the specific role of influencer in the initiative, illustrating the need to support and expand the initiative. The partners initiative is a good first step toward further improvement of student housing: to find a final destination for students to build relationships. The goals of the project were to:

Art by Jasen Lo

1. Optimize student-facing housing for incoming students
2. Omnify a sense of community through collaborative programming
3. Provide a space for students to build off of their growth by generating “quality feedback loop” through the use of small group meetings, psychotherapy sessions, and other arrangements.
4. Create new recreational opportunities for students.
5. Install structure and form in the city so students can build community connections and professionalism into their daily lives.

Students’ allotted time in residential space will be benchmarked against the recommended amount of time for a student body, while the cohort feedback loop will include individual and group feedback mechanisms, overlaying a sense of personal responsibility –  responsibility to themselves, and responsibility for their own well being. The intention is for students to have a sense of purpose and belonging in the community, and trust that the places they live in will be safe and supportive. This knowledge base was gathered as part of an assignment previously published on the Hub.

Art by Jasen Lo

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