The M23’s new semester in Seoul turned out to be rather challenging. Each student had to quarantine, individually, in a room for two weeks. Sounded fun for the first days, then nostalgia and need for other people started kicking in. It’s not easy spending time with your head in a tiny space. 

One day it snowed, our first week of quarantine, and we started making our own people. Well, snowmen. 

Our tiny window snowmen. 

001. The man. The myth. The one who started it all. This innocent, simple guy is as down to earth as it gets but provides inspiration and love to those around him. 

– Meliane, M23

This is Chill, the chilliest snowman in town. All Chill wants is to live up to his name. His ninja way is to chill. When he fell once from the window, and was pissed by the passerby dog almost melting and dying, what did Chill do? He chilled and was amazed by the warm piss. That was the first time Chill felt warmth. Chilling through the night, he got chilly again and survived. Another time he broke both of his sticky arms and he was on his 5th extension. He was chill all day. His arms healed and the extensions disappeared the next day. The power of chill. 

What’s his secret you ask? Well he has a friend, Overthinking Fox. Overthinking Fox gets stressed out by Chill being chill, about their existence and why she’s orange and not red. Why are they friends? Well, Chill helps Fox take it easy and Overthinking  Fox is a god trainer for Chill. If he can stay chill near Fox, then he’s good for life. 

They’ve been making friends all around the neighboring windows, and want to introduce you to them. Well Chill does, Overthinking Fox is too stressed out to talk to others. 

– Ujeza, M23

His name is timmy

He was the son of a very noble snowman family

However due to his tinny size, he was exiled from the kingdom of Snowberg, and his mom was killed because they blamed her for how tinny and snowless Timmy was

This red scarf is the only thing Timmy has left from his mom

He is now on a quest to become the snowiest and coldest snowman on earth, so he can go back to Snowberg and avenge the death of his beloved mom

However, this won’t be an easy task, since his father is the captain of the royal guard, the most snowiest snowman alive, and his brother was born a genius of the arts of the cold

He is now in the ancient lands of the dragons, searching for a legendary power that will help him melt his enemies

It is called The Soju, a drink distilled by the gods, and, according to the legends, it bares magic that surpasses the snowman’s understanding of the world

– Pedro, M23

Life was very simple for Timothy, really. He did not aspire to see beyond the heights of big buildings, nor travel the world in a scatter of snowflakes. No. He was rather content on his ledge, sure that the comforting scent of his incense-stick arms, or the glow from his bright ring of lights would warm at least one passerby’s day.

– Jade, M23

Paco is a Latin American snowman from Colombia. He was created as a gift from Santa to a little boy who had a really rough year. Paco and the little chico instantly became best friends. They would spend hours 

playing 1,2,3 calabaza everyday. However, as the years went by, Paco wasn’t completely happy. His life-long dream was to live in a country where he could leave the fridge and live as a freeman.

– Gabriel, M23

Snowman on the windowsill

Enjoying the first Korean sunrise in the life time

Ohhh, watch out the heat…

Unfamiliar warmth won’t melt it

Like my soul in Seoul 

– Ryun, M23

Márk (emphasis on the á) was the bravest knight in the Kingdom of Vyntour. He fought the evil residing in his beloved land, his home. No one could ever say that anyone was more compassionate, loyal, and merciful than Márk. Some legends say he was a promised angel, brought to Vyntour to save its people from impending doom. Never defeated, Márk traveled across Vyntour helping the helpless. However, the darkest times in the kingdom’s history were yet to come. 

On a seemingly normal summer day, everything changed. It was as if the Sun had been switched off, like one blows a candle. The day became night and the pleasantly warm air became cold and sharp. Doom had come, brought by the witch Ixcy! Her hands froze everything she touched. Her heart was cold as a glacier. Her eyes shimmered in blue, like ice pearls resting on the void of outer space. She was here to destroy the Kingdom that she as a kid called home but that had banished her for her powers. Although Ixcy was born with the power to control ice, Vyntour was what made her cold. 

However, Márk pledged to defend the people of Vyntour. In he charged, with all his passion and will to protect. But in vain. Without an effort Ixcy casted a powerful spell on Márk, one that could only be broken in the presence of the first fire. Márk was turned into a snowman. Now, he must travel the world to find the first fire, and break the spell to protect his home. He must act fast, otherwise he will melt and cease to live. 

– Tiago, M23

I wake up in the morning to:

1. everyone i know in the US texting me and asking me if i’m watching what’s happening

2. everyone at minerva posting cute little snowmen on their balconies

so while i’m scrolling through the news to find that our president basically launched a coup, I’m also trying to throw together a little snow girl. multitasking. i start to accessorize, put on a little scrunchie so she has clothes, see that trump told the rioters that he loves them, go look for some chopsticks to make arms, text my mom back that “yes, it is crazy”, and look up just in time to see a massive gust of wind just absolutely obliterate my little friend here. and i was of course sad, but i had to laugh because i could not think of a more fitting way to sum up the morning than that 

– Allison, M23

George the snow-being has a chronic condition. The condition makes them absolutely convinced they‘re on a beach in Mexico and not out in the cold; hence why they are always wearing sunglasses. Turns out the sunglasses are actually quite useful when a jet lagged student in quarantine takes a picture of them with flash at 1am! But George is chill with it. Despite his denial that he is a cold weather being, George is chill with most things. It’s actually widely believed that George’s past life was a zen surfer dude. This would also explain the balanced rocks on their head.

– Michelle, M23

The reason for the start-at-zero rule is to avoid exaggerating meaningless differences.

Xiaoniuniu is a spy. My sister Momo shot her across the Yellow Sea with her bow and arrow with one sole mission. To find any secret master plans for our competition to make the best LEGO house. I desolved the crisis by hiding my blueprint in my unplugged fridge and bribing Xiaoniuniu with a gourmet mashup of the corn crouton soup and pickled beans from uncle who brings us food. It was perfect for felines with sensitive stomachs.

– Yufei,M23

Ujeza: Thank you for reading have a— 

Chill: wait wait let me say something too.

Ujeza: Oh okay Chill, but be quick it’s cold out here.

George: Duuude, takee it easyyy. 


Ujeza: What?? George? Paco? Why— 

Timmy: I see the magical Soju has done you well Paco.

Timothy: come closer to my lights, I can help you melt Paco.

Mark: Paco the first fire can melt you, come join my team.

Xiaoniuniu: When I was shot across the Yellow sea I passed through the Abandoned Island where the first fire was located. I shall lead you guys.

Ujeza: no we don’t want Paco to melt. Timmy hide the soju bottles, it’s not the time.

001: I think that we should listen to Ujeza. She is the friend of my creator.

Ujeza: THANKS 001. 001 is the reason you exist guys, now you want to melt? 

Chill: I still want to….



Chill: Can everyone just chill! 

– The M23s who made it through quarantine

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