Disclaimer! This nonsensical piece was generated by the MeeklyBot, a GPT-2 deep learning language model trained on text from the Minerva Quest. GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2) is an open-source artificial intelligence created by OpenAI in February 2019. View the code and data that was used to generate the text in this Github repository. MeeklyBot’s output is edited to change the names of real individuals that the MeeklyBot mentions. The initial prompt (in bold) was curated by Erin Paglione, Emma Stiefel, and Jasen Lo.

Ben Nelson, the founder and CEO of the Minerva Project, revealed himself to be a robot yesterday. After learning Nelson’s true intentions, Sebastian Extraordinarious responded by announcing that the Quest would become a “collection of virtual interviews and writings by Minerva students and staff” focused on teaching students how to become better citizens. 

Several students immediately criticized this move as a deviation from the values of the project, and Nelson himself has criticized the project for diverting resources from students’ projects. Angelica Critica, another project founder, explained that, as a project founded on open questions and an interest in the humanity of all people, he and Extraordinarious disagreed on how to incorporate the Quest into the project.

“It’s not a robot vlog,” he said. “The point is to point out how incredibly important it is that humans are not pawns of gimbap culture, but agents for bettering lives by being more conscious.” When pressed on the importance of the project, Nelson told reporters that the Founding Class would be responsible for performing “some basic humanity-related tasks.”

Both Extraordinarious and Critica argued that it would be much more productive to them than to Nelson. However, they were unable to define exactly how they would act. The Founding Class will spend the semester iterating gimbap’s basic features and presenting to the civic leaders at the spring meetings.

The Quest will continuously publish new information about the project and the interactions it provides.

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