dear great britain,

what makes you think you are so great anyway?

why did you make me wait two months,

make me travel from san francisco to miami 

make me pay an extra $875

plus travel, plus accommodation 

for a visa appointment? 

i will dwell in the past as long as the past 

comes back to haunt me. 

who gave you the legitimacy to, as gayatri spivak said, “save brown women

from brown men” so you could rape them instead,


who gave you the authority to starve

three million Bengalis so you could pay for 

a fucking war,

and because, you just hate indians?

why don’t you tell me how i am going to get

three million of my ancestors back?

why don’t they call you 

the Great Looter instead?

you tell me i’m too angry,

i’ll tell you you’re fake.

and i am angry,

give it back.