This article is an interactive data visualization and investigation into Minerva housing costs. Please view the entire piece by clicking on this link.

tldr: Strictly from a financial perspective, Minerva housing is worth it for students who receive more than $6,000 in scholarship per year. Using Airbnb as a proxy for the availability and cost of independent housing in Minerva rotation cities, the Quest found numerous housing options cheaper than Minerva, except in San Francisco. Reviewing Minerva’s policies regarding financial aid and independent housing reveals that opting out to live independently is only financially viable for students who receive less than $6,000 in scholarship annually, regardless of the cost of independent housing. These students make up 17 – 22% of Minerva’s student body. The less scholarship a student receives, the more they can use independent housing as a means to save housing cost. This analysis neglects non-financial reasons behind why a student might want to stay in Minerva housing. The author makes assumptions in the process of arriving at a dataset that are open to scrutiny, and discusses the potential consequences of more students deciding to opt-out of Minerva housing. Note that this analysis is only applicable in non-pandemic years!

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