A word that belonged only in sci-fi movies until a couple of months ago. 

Even though it became the reality for everyone around the world, it doesn’t look the same for all of us. During our last week in the Buenos Aires residence, I wondered how the quarantine looked different for Minervans in our almost identical hotel rooms. In the search for the answer, I asked fellow classmates if they had 10 minutes to spare during the next couple of days and didn’t mind being photographed. I asked each, “What is your quarantine motto?” 

Elif & Hung:

Me: What is your quarantine motto?

Elif: What do we do a lot?

Hung: Coffee!

Elif: Coffee and Steve the brick wall.

Me: What?

Elif: Steve the brick wall. I named the brick wall. That’s all I see through my window.


Stay alive.

That is what I hope for everyone.


Disease brings out the best in me.


Getting comfortable with yourself. If you see yourself in a prison, there is not much to do. But once you break through, you can do a lot.



Xiao and Zineb:

Zineb: I feel like ice cream should be included.

Xiao: As long as we have good food I am fine. Order ice cream when things go wrong.


Learn new shit!


Quarantine and chill.

The shawl and the lamp:

“Another testimony of us living together.” Some of us were left alone in the rooms with the friendly ghosts of our old roommates. Their left-behind clothes, the postcards on the wall, or the little habits of caring for each other by putting a shawl over the lamp when the other goes to sleep.

The end.