When the semester ended, I was asked to write a poem for our Quinquatria, and that seemed doable enough. But after many attempts (and failures), I came to the conclusion that I don’t actually have to write a poem. So internalizing that, I wrote a farewell:

This isn’t a poem.

This is a farewell to the city that sheltered and loved me for more than half a year.

This is a farewell to the freezing mezzanine and the lobby that always felt a little too small.

This is a farewell to the slow elevator and the mess that was the kitchen.

This is a fuck you to the construction noise that kept me from sleeping and a fuck you to the virus that split us apart too early.

This is a thank you to Fiona, with her patience and love.

This is a thank you to my roommates, for dealing with my bullshit.

This is an ‘I miss you’ to my friends, there are more of you than I thought.

This is a ‘hello’ to the uncertainty of life and to the unpredictability that I hate.

This is an ‘I’m sorry’ to myself for waiting and being unable to do the things that I still wanted to do.

This is an ‘I forgive you’ to me from me and an ‘I’m still proud of you’ for doing the things that you did.

This is a ‘see you soon’ to all of you.

And a ‘not soon enough.’

This is an ‘I love you’ to the people I care about – you. 

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