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I have perfected the art of silent crying

A craft, I have learned on global rotation.

So here is a user’s manual:

If you can,

Do it elsewhere, 

But beware of mosquitoes. 

If you can’t,

Your roommates won’t notice,

As long as you keep the lights low,

And the breathing normal.

If you have to,


Physical illness doesn’t raise many eyebrows.

Wait, what about public spaces?

City as your campus.

Here is a list of places I have cried at:

The mall,

Diamond’s Office Hours,


My triple room,

Seoul Tower,

The Hyderabad Metro,

The Forest,

The Market across 1412,

The mountains,

Skyping with my parents,


If you can,

I recommend the open air. 

And recycling. 

And silly Youtube videos,

And choosing Autos over cars,

And art therapy,

And doing your pre-work before class,

And falling in love.

But never too hard 

unless you have the kind of friends 

that make you never want to cry alone.