This piece, written by an anonymous Minerva student, is a part of a new anonymous creative writing feature series. If you feel inspired, submit your own work here!

It takes a moment
For a world to start
And another to stop 
It takes a moment
To keep holding on
And to finally let go 
It takes a moment
To just say hi 
And then have to say goodbye 
It takes a moment
To build something from scratch 
Only to lose everything in an instant 
It takes a moment 
To get lost in a moment
Only to find the moment has been lost 
Sometimes, I wonder
in-between moments 
The ones I genuinely laughed with
The ones I vulnerably cried with 
The ones I have held close to my heart 
The ones I have grown to love 
The ones I had to let go 
The ones I did not get to bid adieu 
Sometimes, I wonder 
why the world does not afford proper goodbyes 
when all I really wanted was to hug you one last time 
But I have these moments 
And as I hold on to them,
I think maybe we do not need goodbyes
maybe the universe knows we will meet again 
Sometime, Someday 
But for now,
in this moment,
I cry
I laugh 
But not really because I have these moments
With you