This piece, written by an anonymous Minerva student, is a part of a new anonymous creative writing feature series. If you feel inspired, submit your own work here

I know a goofball

With really high standards

For Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam, 

For captivating documentaries and endless recipe videos

Equipped with Doraemon musicals

And adorable pig stickers

“Talking is overrated” he sings

Ping Ping Ping, his sticker messages ring

His chest rumbles, his giggles “tickle my back”

Watching a well-dressed lady 

Cursing her fake friends with profanities beyond compare

It a precious form of art, he declares

I cook for him, he cooks for me

We hop from one restaurant to another anyways

Searching for what? We both do not know

With nothing but faith that some food  will be worth the journey

There are few movies without plot holes for him

Fewer movies with cinematography or good actors

One TV series after another goes by

None that makes him content, his standards so high

“It’s all for the best” 

You learn to embrace it nonetheless

I admire this, him and his high standard-ness

Otherwise, isn’t life just a chaotic mess?

He works hard with school and work

And lives comfortably for all its worth

Houseplants grow in his windowsill

His lifestyle is nothing but chill

All in all, he is a sweetheart

Tangy but delicious like a soft lemon tart

Patience, thoughtful and empathetic,

In no other arms, I’d rather fall.