State of The Minerva Quest’s Finances:

  • As of now, the Quest has $871.39 USD in its savings. We are putting more effort into fundraising efforts to ensure the Quest produces more and better content each year.
  • This January we piloted a fundraiser program, and we are grateful to those who took time and money to help contribute to our mission. Thank you very much. In this fundraiser the Quest raised $244.27 USD.

How The Quest Uses Donations:

  • Domain and server fees for our website cost $107.88 annually.
  • We spent a total of $40 USD on our pilot rewards initiative from August-December 2019. Out of 8 applications for rewards, we accepted 7. We will continue with this program this semester; more details are explained below.
  • This semester we anticipate to increase spending on:
    • Social media marketing 
    • Incentivizing urgent work
    • Upgrading our server to be faster
    • Paying the creators of our Cross-Class Vlog

Updates to the Rewards Initiative (as of January 19th, 2020):

Please see this previous announcement for the basics of how the rewards system works. 

  1. Tier 1 (new tier): High quality reports about life for Minerva students.
    1. At least 15 hours of work.
    2. Are 1,500+ words after editing.
    3. Must present extensive research, including interviews.
    4. Tier 1 now excludes op-ed pieces, and must be a fact-based report — that is, an article that presents and analyzes facts about an aspect of Minerva from reliable sources. Our goal is to incentivize the reporting that holds Minerva accountable and benefits Minerva students, a core part of the Quest’s mission. 
    5. Example: Minerva is not (yet) achieving extraordinary in mental health
    6. Reward: $20 USD 
  2. Tier 2 (previously tier 1): This category includes high-quality, impactful pieces that don’t meet the high standard of reporting for tier 1. It includes op-ed pieces.
    1. Require at least 10 hours of work.
    2. Are 1,000+ words after editing.
    3. Require multiple interviews or extensive online/in-person research.
    4. Have a significant and demonstrable impact on the Quest audience.
    5. Example: Broke, Different, and Never Heard
    6. Reward: $10 USD
  3. Tier 3 (previously tier 2): This category includes work that, while important, does not involve the same amount of work as the above tiers.
    1. Require about less than 10, and an average of 5 hours of work.
    2. Are around 300-500 words, or at least under 1000 words, after editing.
    3. Involve about one live interview, reaching out for comment via email, and/or limited amounts of online research.
    4. Most articles will probably fall into this category.
    5. Examples include: Faces of the Streets III – Hope & Homelessness
    6. Reward: $5 USD 

Rewards Grace Period 

If you published an article in November or December 2019, we have extended the deadline for you to apply for a reward. You must fill out the form before the end of January 2020. 

How Rewards are Claimed

Please fill out this form ( to apply for a financial reward.  Rewards are only eligible for collection only if applications are filled out in the same month as when respective content is published on the Minerva Quest’s website. We review the forms and send out rewards on a monthly basis. Fill out the form, and we will reach out. Note that The Quest reserves the discretion to accept or reject and downgrade or upgrade rewards. The purpose of the form is to expedite the process and give content creators a voice in the process. 

These definitions and the overall process are subject to change as we continue to refine our reward system. Remember, the aim of this initiative is to reward the hard work of our content producers, and to incentivize higher quality at larger quantities. If you have any questions, email [email protected].