The Quest published over 80 articles, podcasts, vlogs, and satirical pieces during 2019 — more than one per week! Below are some of our management team’s favorites, as well as a few highlighted by you, our audience. 

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Amelia Kroner: The Athiest Christian, written by an anonymous Minerva student, is a fascinating look into one person’s spiritual journey. Not being religious myself – and not talking about religion that often with people who are – it was eye-opening to learn more about the role of religion and spirituality in a fellow classmate’s life. 

Anh Duc Chu: Have You Ever Felt Lonely? by Li-Lian Ang can be construed as a chronicle of something known both as an emotion and an epidemic: loneliness. Full of emotions and relatability, this piece has the power to speak to each of us.

Emma Stiefel: Broke, Different, and Never Heard by Rebecca Mqamelo is a brilliant piece that encouraged a community-wide conversation about building a school that is truly welcoming to everyone, regardless of how privileged or wealthy they are.

Erin Paglione: Episode 4 of Klara Eriksson’s Coming and Going podcast series, Whose Home? (ft. Anda) is a beautifully written and recorded piece that deals with topics of race and what it means to call a place “home.”

Jatin Kansal: I Want to Visit Your Flower Shop by Chris Hagan. I think all of us have had that moment of self-discovery where we think about our future and all the restrictions imposed on us due to our family or financial situation, but in the end, we still find ourselves under that fig tree and wondering how to deal with all the obligations. This piece puts all these complicated emotions and thoughts into words and does so brilliantly. 

Aspen Pflughoeft: The Coming and Going podcast series by Klara Eriksson. I had never listened to podcasts until this one, but when I listen to this podcast, I hear my own questions about the complexity of “home” reflected back to me and I know both that I’m not alone and that there is hope for finding my place even when life gets complicated

Audience Picks: Minerva student Giovanna Chaves loved the Faces of the Streets series. Fellow student Sho Hihara highlighted two satirical pieces, New UN General Assembly Composed Of 90 Percent Minerva Alum, Scandal Ensues and A Minervan Descent Into Madness: Everything Is Intentional.