Minerva students have not yet received official notice from the administration announcing the November 30th deadline for the Spring 2020 term bill. This lack of communication comes after controversy surrounding the Minerva administration’s processes for notifying students of other bills and bill increases.

According to the Prepare page, the invoice, around 11.5 thousand US dollars before financial aid, will incur a 1.5% fee of “the amount past due” if payment is submitted late. The amount past due does not include expected aid – financial aid a student is yet to receive. 

One anonymous student in the class of 2020 expressed frustration with the lack of communication, saying that she normally only pays on time because she “feels like the bill should be out by now on Prepare” as opposed to receiving any official notification. Indeed, for many students, having official forwarning of the invoice would aid in proper financial planning. 

For some semesters, including Spring 2019, Minerva opened and notified students of the term bill through The Week. However, the only official mention of the Spring 2020 term bill to date came in an email from the Bursar’s office titled “Fall 2019 Term Bill” sent on June 3rd. The email included a list of financial Q&A, in which one line mentions the November 30th deadline for the Spring bill. The email did not state when it would open for payment. 

On September 23rd of this year, the ASM posted the visual timeline (shown to the right) of invoice deadlines – including the November 30th deadline – in both the Minerva Community Portal and in student Facebook groups. A similar comprehensive communication has not been sent through official Minerva channels.

Given a management changeover, the Minerva Bursar office was unable to respond to a request for comment at this time. However, a representative of the Senior Team stated: “We are well aware that clear and timely communication is important regarding student financial matters. It is in the best interest of everyone that this is so.”