An estimate of around hundred Minerva students participated in the Global Climate Strike across four different cities —  Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Seoul — on September 21-22 to show support for urgent action to address the climate change crisis.

Students from Class of 2021 attending the protest in Berlin, Germany:

Students from Class of 2023 at the protest in San Francisco, US. Photos by Arien Desrosiers:

The Global Climate Strike is a worldwide movement led by young climate change activists, who are urging governments to take action against the climate change crisis a few days before the UN emergency climate summit in New York. Organizers and supporters demand a revolution in energy sector, mainly banning the use of fossil fuels. A massive continuation of Fridays for Future, the strike is a sustained action week between two Fridays, September 20 and 27.

Students from Class of 2022 striking in Seoul, South Korea. Photos by Fju Mewes:

Over a year ago, sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg started skipping school on Fridays to protest the Swedish government’s lack of action in response to the climate change crisis. Her initiative quickly spun into a global movement with people —  mostly students — gathering around their nearest government buildings, now called Fridays for Future.

Strike in Berlin. Photos by Anya Chen and Kornelija Ukolovaitė:

“Some of them were great: educational [and] impactful, speaking to the hearts and minds of the people,” Margarita Levitova (M’21) said of the speeches during the strike. “However, the majority of speeches were dull pledges to the cause of sustainability, awe at the amount of people that showed up, and some rhetorically condescending empty promises.”

Strike in Daehakro district, Seoul. Photos by Fju Mewes:

Students from Class of 2022 were pleasantly surprised at the strike in Seoul. “If you talk to Koreans, they just don’t really care about it,” explains Fju Mewes but then adds: “ Seeing so many people who [went] to the protest was really powerful. We were all surprised and amazed to see all these people and [the protest] was so organized, so loud [but] it was still polite.” Mewes felt ‘a big sense of community, togetherness’.

Strike in San Francisco. Photos by Ariane Desrosiers:

Strike in London, United Kingdom. Photos by Antonio Fowl Stark: