In this series, we are collecting short introductions from Minerva students to capture the breadth of experience and perspectives present in our student body. To kick this off, we asked students from the incoming Class of 2023 to introduce themselves! Here, we get to know Su Yan, who is also taking us along with her on a summer spent across East Asia in her stunning photography!

Where are you this summer?

India, Hongkong, Changshu (Hometown, PRC)

Photo taken in Hong Kong, by Su Yan

What’s something you love or really like in the place you’re in?

Rain (or rain season) is my favorite thing in Changshu.

Photo taken in Changshu by Su Yan

What’s something you’ll miss from home?

I’ll miss the language (dialect) only spoken in this small city. Because people in same place share similar cultures or personalities and these can all be reflected in the dialect they use, when I speak or hear that specific language, I can feel the sense of belongings. For me, that is the feeling of home as well.

Photo taken in Changshu by Su Yan

What are you most excited about when it comes to Minerva?

Of course it would be the cultures I would learn in different regions! In my opinion, unless you experience something by your own, no one can tell you the true feelings or ideas towards things. Minerva gives me the opportunity of immersing certain cultures that I only heard of before. I don’t know what kind of feelings I will have on those cultures at this moment but realizing that I will have chance to know has already excited me a lot!