In this series, we are collecting short introductions from Minerva students to capture the breadth of experience and perspectives present in our student body. To kick this off, we asked students from the incoming Class of 2023 to introduce themselves! Here, we get to know Ivana Vaseva, who was also able to share her creative photography with us.

Where are you this summer?

I’m from Bulgaria and I deliberately spent all summer here

What’s something you love or really like in the place you’re in?

I loved driving stuff around from one city to another with my father and hiking around with my friends.

What’s something you’ll miss from home?

What I will definitely miss from home would be the fresh fruit and vegetables my grandmothers produce all year. I recently realized how valuable it is to me to be able to go and pick any fruit I want right from the orchard.

Photo by Ivana Vaseva

What is the purpose of these photos you submitted?

These photos were taken for “advertisement” project in my English class this year. We were supposed to advertise pearls and this was my approach to the issue. I decided to upload them because they were taken at my house with my cousin and my sister as models.

Photo by Ivana Vaseva