In this series, we are collecting short introductions from Minerva students to capture the breadth of experience and perspectives present in our student body. To kick this off, we asked students from the incoming Class of 2023 to introduce themselves! Here, we get to know Arden Yin, who was also able to share her urban photography with us.

Where are you this summer?

Shanghai, China

What’s something you love or really like in the place you’re in?

Last week, I got a delicious breakfast in street, saw a conceptual art exhibition, biked to a cafe to read for the entire afternoon, spent an indulging evening in “Sleep No More,” and strolled home at midnight. The best thing was, I had asked the cafe to replace plastic cups with glass ones and not to provide straws unless asked for. Five minutes later, the waiter said his boss approved and would soon implement the new rules!

Photo by Arden Yin

What’s your favorite question? (in general – Minerva related or not!),

Why? Why not?

What are some of your identities?

Reader, thinker, writer, artist, bicultural, pioneer, Minervan,…

What is the symbolism of your age?

19 encompasses both beginning and end. Like Yin and Yang, 19 is beginning and end, contradiction and interdependence, stability and change, all in one. I carry in me all that I have experienced: the burning pride, the ardent silence; every element from hydrogen to argon; and all the lives I have lived, bodies occupied, and identities cradled. Standing at a transition of time and place, I rename myself Arden. Synonyms of Arden(t): expressionist, avant-garde, free. In the Tarot, the 19th card is the Sun, which represents “yes, go forth;” have courage and be confident: good things lie on the horizon with promised success.