In this series, we are collecting short introductions from Minerva students to capture the breadth of experience and perspectives present in our student body. To kick this off, we asked students from the incoming Class of 2023 to introduce themselves! Here, we get to know Makenzie Hanson, who was also able to share her beautiful nature photography with us.

Where are you this summer?

I spent the summer in the US (California, Indiana, Arkansas), Kenya, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. (My photos are both from Kenya.)

What’s something you love or really like in the place you’re in?

This summer I went back to Kenya, my home of the last six years, and made a it a goal to do touristy activities in the area. So often if you grow up in a place you never get around to doing some of the cool, unique activities and sights it offers. I love that in Kenya a lot of these have to do with nature. I got to feed giraffes, go on a boat ride amongst hippos, and visit and elephant orphanage to name a few.

Photo by Makenzie Hanson

What’s something you’ll miss from home?

I’ll definitely miss the chaos and unpredictability of life in East Africa. In more western cities I find that everything operates smoothly and is so well developed that life can almost become boring. I’ll miss the vibrancy of life that comes with cows blocking traffic, electricity rationing, or matatu (public buses) strikes.

What are you most excited about when it comes to Minerva?

I’m most excited, by far, about the diversity in students and in our studies. The combination of such an international student body on a global rotation together. I love the melting pot of stories, cultures, and experiences. And the combinations of getting to be a local in so many incredible cities around the world. I think it will be very formative to the students in shaping our world view and own disciplines.