In this series, we are collecting short introductions from Minerva students to capture the breadth of experience and perspectives present in our student body. To kick this off, we asked students from the incoming Class of 2023 to introduce themselves! Here, we get to know Tianhui Xu, who was also able to share her stunning photography with us.

Where are you this summer?

Nanjing, China

What’s something you love or really like in the place you’re in?

Pieces of history spread through the city

Fireflies 1 by Tianhui Xu

What’s something you’ll miss from home?

I’ll miss the sense of history from home. Growing up in a city with a 2000-year history, I’m used to wandering around, hanging my camera on the neck, and feel the stories behind every corner. The heaviness and quietness always make me feel tiny but also becoming grateful for life.

What are you most excited about when it comes to Minerva?

Uncertainty excites me. I won’t know where I would be four years later, or even not sure about the major I’m about to choose. But Minerva provides us with a playground to test everything out while also equipping us with the ability to thrive in whatever choice we make. Looking forward to San Francisco!

Fireflies 2 by Tianhui Xu