This is the first episode of Ikigai – a student-let podcast where students from Minerva Schools at KGI share a topic that they love and know quite a bit about, hosted by Julia Minichelli (class of 2020). In this first episode, Julia talks with Olaf (Class of 2020) about cause prioritization. Wanna know more about the podcast? Read here:

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Resources recommended by Olaf:

  • 80,000 Hours — cause prioritization applied to career (;
  • Center for Effective Altruism — cause prioritization applied to donations and philanthropy (;
  • Give Well — an organization that ranks charities based on how much impact they objectively have (;
  • Doing Good Better — book on cause prioritization ( ).
  • Future of Life Institute (, and
  • Foundational Research Institute — long term theoretical discussion on ethics of cause prioritization (
  • Olaf’s Medium post on cause prioritization (

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