And that’s a wrap on the year! Take a look into the lives of Minerva’s classes of 2019 and 2020 in their last few weeks together in Hyderabad through the lens of M2020 student Ben Chen.

⁃ Something In Between: a student run performance on Gender
⁃ Last day of classes + celebration
⁃ The Capellas: Minerva’s unofficial acapella group
⁃ Suffering (aka. Finals)
⁃ Symposium + Continuum
⁃ Move out 😞
Thanks for the memories everyone, and have a great summer!

See you in the fall!


Check back here for the Minerva Quest’s cross-class vlogs. We show members of the other cohort(s) what’s going on in our cities, who’s who in our classes, and generally what’s up at Minerva for students.

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