Recent reports confirm a long time speculation that four of your best friends from Minerva are planning on spending Quinquatria break with your mom.

Sources close to your mom indicate she is planning on taking a vacation on the 20 and 21 of March, and has refused multiple dinner party invites from her middle-aged friends.

Speaking to these friends, we can now say the plan is to go somewhere remote, definitely sunny, like the Bahamas or Cancun, because they don’t really want to go sightseeing, they just want to chill with your mom.

“We just want to hang out,” said one of these friends, “Have some good food, drink a bit, mostly chill on the beach, evenings in hot tub with your mom. I don’t really want to get out of bed before 12:00 pm.”

Your mom’s boss has reported that she has been working extremely hard lately, and he hopes that this vacation will help her unwind and provide her with, “the relaxation she really needs.” Other office employees have given her lotion and a new bikini. Our sources confirm that this will probably be the vacation your mom has needed for a long time.

Despite reaching out, no comment has been received from your dad.