Happy International Women’s Day! This is an important day that brings awareness to women’s rights and women’s issues. Here at The Meekly, it has been brought to our attention that sometimes our ladies need stuff that is just for them, so in honor of this day, we’re creating the section Meekly: For Her. It’s got all the stuff girls care about AND it’s pink! Check out our first piece on products that are just for girls. So girls can use them. Empowerment!(Seriously, just click on them.)


Pretty in Pink Women’s Ear Plugs

Finally some goddamn peace and quiet that comes in a color the fairer sex can use




BIC For Her Fashion Retractable Ball Pen

JEWELED ACCENTS, LADIES!! They have jeweled accents!! This is not a drill!






BLINGSTING Glammer Car Safety Escape Hammer for Women

A life-threatening emergency is no excuse to be drab. You can now break the side window, cut the seatbelt, and escape a life of blissful ignorance of your mortality in style!




Scented Credit Cards by Al Hilal Bank

As a woman, I’ve never applied for a credit card because they just smell so darn plain. Not anymore! Now I can buy shoes and makeup without a minute of sensory deprivation.




Doritos for Ladies

Hey, girls, don’t you just hate it when you want to consume calories to sustain yourself but you CAN’T because your chips are just TOO DAMN CRUNCHY? Well good news! Doritos is planning on making a line of chips just for ladies. The chips have yet to be released, so please enjoy this unlicensed stock photo of a woman eating normal chips out of an unlabeled bag. Maybe she can use Pretty in Pink earplugs to muffle the crunch until Doritos saves the day.






Note: if you would like to donate to one of these causes but are having difficulty, reach out to The Meekly staff and we can try to help navigate the process.