We all know Hitler as that pop culture icon that’s up to no good. Staring in movies like Schindler’s List, Triumph of the Will, and his little-known appearance in Titanic, there are few of us who don’t have a love-hate relationship with this man. But should we love him? Hate him? The Meekly is here with a list of pros and cons.


1. Efficiency

Have you ever tried and run a multinational organization, rule a country and invade Poland all at once? Let us tell you, it’s a pain in the you-know-what. Hitler did all that and was even an artist! He really put the ‘efficiency’ in German efficiency.

2. Took a horrible mustache style permanently out of fashion

The toothbrush mustache style, colloquially referred to in the modern era as “the Hitler stache,” was popularized in the late 19th century. The mustache is characterized by vertical rather than tapered edges and….ah, who are we kidding? You don’t care because nobody wears this horrible style on their face anymore! Thanks, Hitler!

3. Inspired the creation of the State of Israel

After years of persecution, religious discrimination, and over two-thousand years of exile from their homeland, the Jews have finally returned to the holy land to persecute, discriminate and send other people into exile. Who do we have to thank? Exactly, Hitler again.

4. Made the Holocaust uncool again

For a while there, there were a lot of people who thought the Holocaust was pretty cool. Hell, they helped make the Holocaust happen! No bueno. Luckily, Hitler ran that whole operation right into the ground. Who’s dumb enough to invade Russia in the winter? Anyway, good thing it’s over.

5. Vegetarian

It’s morally sound and environmentally sustainable. Sweet!


1. Invaded Poland

In September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and started the chain of events that resulted in WW2. Warsaw was super destroyed and millions of innocent people lost their lives. So all in all, not chill.

2. Couldn’t not invade Poland

It’s like when your roommate says, “You can eat anything in the fridge that’s mine except my hot sauce,” so you raise an army, break every international law imaginable, and invade the hot sauce. Poland is the hot sauce.

3.  Said he couldn’t come to the movies because he was “busy,” when he was actually invading Poland

Not even the first time he’s pulled shit like this!!!

4. Generally bad at staying away from Poland

Honestly, we don’t know why we ever thought this guy could sit with us.

EfficiencyTook a horrible mustache style permanently out of fashionInspired the creation of the State of IsraelMade the Holocaust uncool againVegetarian
Invaded PolandCouldn’t not invade PolandSaid he couldn’t come to the movies because he was “busy,” when he was actually invading PolandGenerally bad at staying away from Poland
6.5Overall Score