Halloween in Seoul: sights and symbols are everywhere, but don’t get your hopes up. Tuesday night here and the streets are dead. Well, as dead as Seoul can be.

When we, Americans, imagine Halloween night at home, we picture running through the streets with candy and costumes and cobwebs, while our parents overbearingly worry about the sugar high we are getting on a school night.

But in Seoul, it’s all a façade.

Sure, there’s decorations here and there, maybe even a pumpkin or two if you search the ins and the outs of Namdaemun market, but there’s no Halloween. At least not in the traditional, pagan sense.

Here, Halloween is adult culture. If you’re of age, there’s parties and pub crawls, and one zombie run through the streets of Sinchon. In order to celebrate Halloween here, you need to be an alien. Not from outer space, but from your own backyard.

While Erika watched a Halloween movie, Abigail dressed up as a “legal” alien, as practically the only way to celebrate Halloween here is if you make it yourself.

So, a poem to Seoul on this All Hallows’ Eve…

Trick-or-treat, trick-or-treat

Tell us Seoul where we should meet

We thirst for a howl on this All Hallows’ Eve

To find supernatural screams that are all make-believe.

Give us your eyeballs and headstones and gory Grim Reaper!

We want the witchcraft and hobgoblin creeper!

So tell us where, oh where is the freight?

Where is the bloodcurdling scream at midnight?

Out with your parties and terrible techno

Halloween is for hair-raising poltergeist echoes?

We are forced to create our own phantasmal reason

Because Seoul,

You are are spine-chillingly cold to the season.