In celebration of Halloween, the Minerva Quest has collected spooky stories and poetry from students across two classes. Prepare to be spooked.

Veselina Nedelcheva, Class of 2019

Disturbing Behavior

Family of four

Walking down the park at night

Scream! There’s just one left…

Laura Sofia Castro, Class of 2019

She was tall, taller than expected. She was the kind of tall that makes people seem arrogant even if they are humble. She was also really pretty, so pretty it almost hurt. I couldn’t look at her for more than a few seconds without feeling my blood boil with a mix of jealousy, admiration and cautious uncertainty. She was like the sun. But more like the sun over a desert after being lost for a day, than like the warming sun that allows plants to grow. With time, instead of getting used to her I got more dubious.

I couldn’t rest my eyes in hers, it was too intimidating. The bare white walls didn’t help either. They warned me I shouldn’t get too close or make any sudden movements, so I kept still; watching her mouth move without digesting any of her words. She was so tall that for the first time in my life I felt incredibly small. She was so painfully pretty I could feel my blood boil and my mind wonder: why can’t I look like that? Why did I get the crazy genes instead of the beauty ones? DNA is a funny thing. There I was, stuck. I guess it shouldn’t be that weird. After all, the first time everyone sees their mother is in a hospital, right? This is just a different kind of hospital.

By the time the clock completed its walk around the block, my mouth hadn’t moved an inch. DNA is a funny thing indeed. I can finally live under the same roof as my mother.

Miguel Cacanindin, Class of 2021

Dare you trust to gaze in one’s eyes?

It’s as the cherry blossom surely blooms

That my passion for you surely shows.

Slender form, tender arms,

Innocent, captivating smile

Not even the rain smiles so softly, so gently.

I start to speak; I hesitate

I am afraid,

Afraid, afraid to look into your eyes.


They always insist.

They see red lipstick, somewhat messily applied

Shades over my eyelids, almost concealing

They see me guarded; they think I’m shy.

They take my arm, ever trusting.


Your hand is so warm. I could hold it forever.

Mine’s so cold; slight tug.

I’m not letting go. I could hold it forever.


That lipstick is theirs, not mine.

And it only oozed out of their throats

When I needed them no longer.


Afraid, afraid to look into your eyes

Because who knows what you’ll see in them

A hunter hungering for her next prey

Or a devil, risen from the fiery pits

Or, most frighteningly, nothing at all.

Dare you trust them now?


Or…dare you doubt them?

Lock these bloodstained hands—

Or better yet, take eye for eye?


The noose tightens ’round my throat

And surely as the cherry blossom blooms

Will the world be finally free,

Finally free of these eyes

And you can rest easy.



With lipstick running down your throat

And an icy hand wrapped ’round your neck.

Your lids will close soon, never to open again.

Appreciate this final sight. Look into my eyes.