You are what you eat. The proverb that has guided many people to lead better lives and eat healthier food. The famous idiom got  a literal twist, however, on Thursday morning when a vegetarian Minerva student woke up as an actual gimbap.

After a month of eating over five gimbaps per day, Jake Hill (M2020) started to feel queasy earlier this week. The situation escalated when Jake started to leave a trail of rice behind him everywhere he went and when yellow radish started appearing every time he blew his  nose. Although Hill noticed his dire condition, he did not immediately go to see a doctor. Sources say he has not yet activated his GeoBlue insurance, and so chose  to focus on an assignment instead.

This unprecedented medical phenomenon has baffled the Korean medical community, as most Koreans remain in human form after long gimbap runs. A Gangnam medical firm has taken Hill under their custody, hoping to find an explanation and cure for his case. Alex Shin of Minerva SXP has promised a relevant co-curricular will follow soon to see the innovative techniques used to analyze Hill.

The Minerva academic team has responded, claiming that Hill’s failure to produce signed documents will not relieve him of his absences and that the supposed metamorphosis is no excuse for missing class.