Celebration breaks out in the Minerva Quest HQ (the Urban Place apartment of one Gabriella Grahek, founder and Chief of Strategy and Operations of the Quest), as the publication finally receives its first non-Quest member view of 2017! This is a major achievement for the Minerva Quest, who have finally branched out of their traditional audience. Quest reporter Adrian Stein reported that the view was on an article discussing gender norms in co-curriculars. Stein added that this is extremely satisfying, as all 16 members of the quest have worked extremely hard to reach this achievement, and called it “a result of never ending persistence and iteration”

“Usually when we get a new view, it’s another Quest writer trying to make us feel like our effort is noticed,” said Stein. “After noticing this view, we started talking about it in our group chat, but no one took responsibility for it. That was the happiest moment of the semester.” In an effort to celebrate accomplishments and ride the wave of good moral, Grahek posted a graphic showing a 20% figure, to indicate that the Quest has reached a fifth of their 2017 goal of five annual readers.

In a short address to her staff, Grahek acknowledged the hard work put in by the sixteen-person staff. “If each and every one of us gets just half a person to read the article, we will reach our goal. Some of you said it’s impossible, but today we proved to ourselves that our efforts will not go unrewarded!”

The Meekly wishes to congratulate the Quest, and wishes them luck with attaining the next four readers!

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