BERLIN – Minerva’s first semester in Berlin is coming to a close and the Class of 2019 will soon be traveling to Buenos Aires. At the final class gathering in the city, we asked students to write a six-word story describing their experience in Berlin. As you’ll see, some students interpreted the instructions rather creatively.

“Stop finding yourself in someone else.” – Qiqi

“Putting myself and everything else Together.” – Danilo

“Berlin-Me, relationship is one of its kind.” – Lucy

“Change, Independence, (real) Friends, Challenge, confidence, Empowerment” – Anonymous

“Clear when the scaffold came down.” – Kayla

“Warm sunlight wanted again from you.” – Unknown Author

“You can’t be in two places.” – Laura

“Believe to leave the grief behind.

“Be who you want to be.” – Barbara

“Cold and grey outside, Warm in.” – Zach

“Feeling quite lonely, found open arms.” – Margot

“I am making this all up.” – Unknown Author

“Hadn’t left the country. Have doner.” – Jake

“A local, through resilience, vulnerability & rawness.” – Fabiola

“Homebody seeking adventure on the weekend.” – Alex Whitney

“Alone/Together, Hard/Work, quiet nights.” – Michael Yang

“الحياة تتغير رغماَ عن مدة سيطرتي عليها” (“Life changes out of my control”) – Rinad

“Trying to figure out the balance.” – DD

“There exists a freedom buried here.” – Sadie-Rae

“Looking through a pitch-black lens.” – Matt

“Whoops! Oh crap! Drop. Drop. Submit.” – Anthony

“My biggest regret; failing to try.” – Muraya

“Nine months could never be enough.” – Zoey

“According to plan, and then platypus.” – Yoel

“Self-understanding, fresh independence, and growing up!” – Kah Yee

“Leaving again and again and again?” – Sadie

“Leaves. Lots. Orange. Fallen. Up down.” – Lara

“Exploring the world, I find myself.” – Raymundo

“Falling, flying, failing, growth, loss and love.” – Rosie

“I am  here, you are here.” – Ivan

“LOST and FOUND that is me.” – Urmila

“Berlin is history in the now.” – Bethany

“Stay with people make me laugh.” – Xijia

“Got lost, remembered what really matters.” – Ben

“No hills? My kind of place.” – Chisom

“I’m closer and further at once.” – Vesi

“Work hard, celebrate, explore real life.”  – Adrian

“ALDI: efficient, but not so friendly.” – Tyler

“Amazing Berlin. So much work. Fun.” – Or

“Ich hätte gern ein Big Dürüm.” (“I would like a big durum”) – Jeff

“I know you think you know.” – Unknown Author

“Stopped expecting much then: plot twist”

“If friends too tired, go alone.” – Skye

“Losing what I was looking for.” – Coby

“Women whose names begin with L.” – Shajara

“Have fun and figure it out.” – Corey

“The whole world in loco parentis.” – Ian

“Fuck bitches get money (in Berlin)” – Tanna

“Special-needs, child, found strength, happiness.” – Jonathan

“Corey Orndorff broke my tender heart.

“I must go on without her.

Please take care of my piano.

Say goodbye on your way out.

Let me know when you return.

And maybe we can meet again.” – Colette

Where did the time go? Present.” – Guillaume

“Love for You, Me, and Everyone.” – Lishu

“We have many worlds within ourselves.” – Namrata

“Six words cannot contain four months.

Try 4! September, October, November, December.” – Grant

Thankful for my BIKE. Cool air.” – Eli

“Past, present, future. Connect them all.” – Thy