SAN FRANCISCO – a group of avid creative writers have come together to form a community based on accountability and exploration. The group, called “Little Green Shoes”, gathers every Friday to either engage in free-form writing activities or workshop sessions led by peers.

The goal of “Write Night”, a tradition started by Founding Class student Kayla Cohen, is to encourage members’ accountability for their writing processes, and to engender support from peers. Workshops explore new genres and techniques, as individuals take turns sharing skills and elements in which they are proficient. The Little Green Shoes community works to  foster creativity by engaging in an open, encouraging space.

Last Friday, a workshop was led by Mayzie Allswede, co-editor of the Creative section of  the Minerva Quest, on Shakespearean sonnets. The workshop started by exploring the concepts of iambic pentameter and rhyme schemes through games and practice. Attendees were divided into pairs to construct original sonnets together. Two options were given for the topic of the sonnets: adapting a song or beards. Every group chose to write about beards.

By working in teams, the participants were able to practice questioning and elaborating upon their ideas, with the night culminating in the groups editing each other’s work. Many of the students were unfamiliar with some or all of the technical aspects of writing a sonnet, and left the workshop with an original, collaborative poem, and a deepened familiarity with the form.

In the future, Little Green Shoes’ mission is to increase the turnout at writing workshops and Write Nights, and expand the enthusiasm for creative writing within Minerva’s San Francisco community.