BERLIN – On Tuesday October 4, members of the Class of 2019 gathered at Betahaus, a cafe and co-working space, for MiCo Launch day where students pitch their MiCo group to introduce, update, and recruit new members for the group’s endeavor. MiCo stands for “Minerva Community” which are gatherings of students who share similar interests and want to explore those interests together.

After a brief “getting-to-know-you” exercise, students settled in to hear the MiCo pitches. Plenty of old favorites were represented: MetaMorph, MORE, The Minerva Explorer and The Minerva Quest, MiCo Jordan, MiCommunicate, Write Night, with a few new groups thrown into the mix, including SciCo, a MiCo for students interested in delving deep into scientific journal articles.

In total seven MiCos pitched, six of which are continuations of MiCos started during Foundation Year 2015-2016 or before. Some MiCos, including MiBo (Minerva Body), are active in Berlin but did not pitch at the Launch Day.

The event marked the first transfer of customs from one city to the next. Lucian Cosinchi, Director of Student Experience in Berlin, expressed that it felt much like “finding each other,” coming through the discomfort and disorientation of moving to a new city and recognizing the first signs of familiarity.

When asked to reflect on MiCo Launch day Class of 2019 student Fabiola Aurore said, “It reminded me why our community’s experiences involve collective choice — an intentional choice to invest time and effort into things we are interested in and share them with others, for the benefit of everyone.”

It will be some time before the community can gauge if MiCo life has transitioned successfully from San Francisco to Berlin, but the high rate of MiCo continuation from Foundation Year 2015-2016 may be taken as a good sign.

For questions regarding the Berlin MiCo community or for help starting a new MiCo, contact Berlin’s Director of Student Experience: [email protected]

List of Micos that presented in Berlin 2016 include: