SAN FRANCISCO – On Thursday the 11th of February 2016 the Minerva Chief Student Affairs Officer Teri Cannon met with several students at the San Francisco residence hall to address issues with the kitchen.

The purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm ways to encourage students to maintain healthy diets. This was the first multi-student meeting around the kitchen this year, following earlier attempts by several Founding Class students to improve the space. Attendees included the most frequent kitchen users, including the students: Ben Imadali, Audrey Tu, Evanes Nguyen, Guy Davidson, and Mai Amit.

The students first highlighted the main concerns, either around student responsibility (students don’t clean up after themselves, they don’t properly use kitchen appliances and return items to the kitchen, they don’t recycle properly) and organizational issues (the lack of sufficient basic supplies like dish towels and sponges).

The task force then discussed solutions including: developing a volunteer system for monitoring the kitchen and teaching peers proper kitchen usage techniques, improving signage, holding sessions on how to clean dishes, ensuring a continuous supply of basic resources, and holding a defined period for students to return dishes to the kitchen from their rooms.

Additionally, ideas surrounding longer-term solutions to be implemented in the next school year were discussed. Such ideas include selling packages with essential kitchen supplies at the beginning of the year, labeling personal dishes, and providing training on recycling and cleaning techniques during Foundation Week. Though no date was set for a next assembling, Cannon compiled minutes from the meeting and the task force will be continuing to improve the space and student nutrition in the coming week.

If you have ideas for kitchen improvements, email us at [email protected]